Mika SHIMAUCHI | しまうち みか


2013     Sojo university Graduate school of Art Master course  Masters degree.

​2019  “Tokyo Arts and Space” Local creator residence program Tokyo JAPAN
2018  “Vermont Studio Center” Vermont  USA  

Solo Exhibition
2018   “Big Romance”Shun Art Gallery Shanghai CHINA
2018    “A Landscape seen from the border” WHITE SPACE ONE, Fukuoka JP
2017    “Shimauchi Mika works” Galleria Grafica bis Tokyo Ginza JP
2016     “DOG” Nakao Gallery Kumamoto JP
2012     “About a tree” Lionel Wendit Gallery Colombo SRI LANKA
2012     “Lesson”  Tsunagi art museum  Kumamoto JP            

Group Exhibition 
2018    “WAKABA LUSTER”Group Exhibition Blue Roof Museum of Chengdu CHINA
2018   “ART  BODY GALLERY”Hakata  Hankyu Department Store
2017   “Watashi no Ityuu no Gaka Exhibition” Gallery Ekouan  Tokyo Ginza
2017   “MIRAIBI”Matsubara Souko Kagoshima
2017   “Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition”  INBE ART SPACE  Tokushima
2017   “Mashiki machi ni ART ga yattekita” Mashiki Hospital Kumamoto
2016   “Derby – Exhibition”  Gallery KINGYO Tokyo Sendagi  JP
2014     “Okashi no kobai Art award Exhibition” Okashi no kobai Kumamoto JP
2013   “Famme Fatale” Shun Art Gallery  Shanghai CHINE 
2012   “Kyusyu Art Zennin syugo”Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto  JP

Art Fair  
2018    ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA  Hotel  Okura Fukuoka JP        
2018    3331 ART FAIR 2018       3331 Arts Chiyoda Tokyo JP          
2016   “NAMAIKI – Voice Art Market” Kagoshima Station, Amu plaza Department store  Kagoshima  JP


 Most of my works were made by clay. I tried to express the reality of our world by sculpture. I am interested in “the view of life and death”. It is my basic theme for the past few years.
I feel that it is difficult to feel the reality in this society. For example, The Foods in supermarket store, which we can get without realization where these came from. I have seen a hunting of a deer. That time I make sense that the meat that I was putting in my mouth had alive. That sense is important to know who we are. But we can live in this world without such a sense. 
It is strange for me. So I am trying to touch the reality of this world, and I’d like to leave a trace of my touch. The clay can touch directly by hands. It calls up my childhood. My works will be able to show the touch of reality in our world.