Kim Soonim | 金 順任


Kim Soonim|金順任 (b.1975)

Kim Soonim (b.1975, Sobaek Mountain area, South Korea) received MFA (2007) and BFA(2002) in Sculpture from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul. She exhibited her work in many various countries and cities of Asia, Europe, Africa and America in her own style from 23 times solo shows and about 200 Group exhibitions since 2002. Currently, she lives in Incheon Korea and works on Nomad.

Soonim is a nature player and visual artist who interpret people and regions that she encounters in her life through subjective methods. Sculpture, installation, painting, performance, video recording, and site-specific art are applied to her works.

She presented installations photos and videos about nature, space, and people in her solo exhibition <Streamy Space> at Samgaksan Geumam Art Museum, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, and did Site-specific Land Art work at Daecheongho Environmental Art Festival-Time of Water, planned by Cheongju Daecheongho Art Museum.

She was selected 2017 KAP – Korea Artist Project by ‘Korean Art Museums’ and had a grant from Arts Council of Korea in 2018. She also gives lectured Soft Sculpture, Form &Space, Drawing, and Casting at Ewha Woman’s University (2009-2016)  and etc… Recently, she had a solo show <Sea Scape> at Hongti Art Center of Busan and <Sea Rainbow> in Kyushu Geibunkan in Kyushu Japan about Ocean Plastic issue that she studied for last 2 years. And she just published 3rd Art Book named <Weave on Nature>.

Recently, in 2022-2023 Arko (Korean Cultural Council) has been selected as an Artist for <Artist Research -Study -Criticism> and is preparing for publication.


JIN Shunren (b.1975)

Born in 1975 in South Korea, she lives in Incheon, writes in Seoul, and teaches at Ewha Women’s University and Daegu University.


2007 Ewha Woman’s University, M.F.A. in Sculpture, Seoul, Korea 

2002 Ewha Woman’s University, B.F.A. in Sculpture, Seoul, Korea 

(Second major: Painting and Print Making, History of Art) 


Solo Exhibitions

2023 Streamy Space, Samgaksan Geumam Art Museum, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

2022 Nature in Food, Gallery Sowon, Incheon South Korea

The Unknown Edible Beauty, OCI Museum, Seoul, South Korea

2020 Seascape, Hongti Art Center, Busan, South Korea

  Sea Rainbow, Kyushu Geibunkan, Chikugo-si Japan

2018 The Forest of Flowing Lives, SangGwang9 Gallery, THAV_Treasure Hill Art Village, Taipei Taiwan.

Leaves Leave, KdMofa_Kwandu Museum of Fine Art ½Gallery, Taipei Taiwan

Home+Farm/ 2017-2018, Alternative Art Space Sonamoo , Ansung South Korea


On the Road 2018, Valencia Gallery, Incheon South Korea

2017 Moon on Lavoir_ Kim Soonim Screening Night, Incheon Art Platform G2, Incheon South Korea

Nomad Nature, Gallery Nomad, Yeosu South Korea

The Memory of Dream, Alternative Space Dum, Incheon South Korea

2016 Landed Ocean, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon South Korea

2014 Kim Soonim-Drawings, Kawagoe Sanbachou Gallery, Tokyo Japan

Residency to Move’, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Goangju South Korea

2012 ‘On the Road’, Soma Museum, Seoul

‘Nanun Dol-I meet with stone.’ KAIST Research&Art, Seoul

‘The Wild Seeds’, Space Noon, Suwon Korea (Invite)

2011 ‘Mind Space’, OX Warehouse, Macau China 

2010 ‘The Forest of Strayer’, Open Space Bae, Busan Korea 

2009 ‘The Threads’, ISCP gallery, New York USA.

2008 ‘Etherial’ Gallery Grimson Seoul Korea (SeMA 2’ )

‘I meet with stone’ Alternative Space Beam, Incheon Korea(IFAC Grant)

‘I meet with stone’ Alternative Space Noon Suwon Korea (Selection)

2007 ‘The Face of unknown got’ Gallery Dam Seoul Korea (Selection)

‘The Ethereal Space’, Red Mill Gallery Vermont USA. (Freeman Award)



2012 Into Drawing Artist of Soma Drawing Center, Soma Museum Seoul

2011 Grant from Arko for International relationship, Arts Council of Korea

2010 7TH ANNUAL ARTEBA- PETROBRAS VISUAL ARTS PRIZE 3rd, ArteBA’10, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2009/2010 Grant of AYAF (Arko Young Artists Frontier), Arts Council Korea 

2008 Grant from SeMA for Emerging Artist, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

Grant from Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture, Korea

Grant from PARADISE Culture Foundation, Korea

2007 ‘Hello, Chelsea! 2007’, 35 Fine Art Annual Competition final 11 selection, NYC USA

selected 2007` New Artist from magazine ARTnPEOPLE, Korea

2006/7 Freeman Fellowship Asian Award Winner     Freeman Foundation (U.S.A) 

2003 Misulsegea Exhibition Danwean Museum, Korea 

2002 Jungang Fine Art Exhibition Hoam Samsung Gallery, Korea

2000 Minister of Culture and Tourism from Taebaek Snow Sculpture Competition Winner, Korea 


Residency Program

2012 7/1-7/31 Eshu Art House, Beijing, China

2011 4/1-2012 3/15 OCI Creation Center, OCI Museum& Songam Foundation for Art, Incheon, Korea

2011 2/7-3/6 OX Warehouse, Macau, China

2009 7/17-10/17 Open Space Bae, Busan, Korea

2008 12/1-2009 3/31 ISCP-International Studio& Curatorial Program), New York USA

2007 11/1-2008 10/31 Nanji Create arts Studio Seoul Korea 

2007 3/4-4/27 Vermont Studio Center USA



Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 San:Bo_ Korean Sculptress Association, Sueno339, Seoul South Korea

Faces say something, KIMSECHOONG MUSEUM, Seoul South Korea

gg_Green Guerrilla Nature Art Four Seasons Workshop _Spring, Gongneungcheon &Eunpyeong Hanok Village, Yangju &Seoul South Korea

Daecheongho Environmental Art Festival _The Time of Water, DaeChung Lakeside Daechungho Museum of Art, Chungju South Korea

Professor Exhibition, Gallery Dongguk of Dongguk Unv. , Seoul South Korea

gg_Green Guerrilla Nature Art Four Seasons Workshop _ Winter, Art Space Sonahmoo, Snseong South Korea

Sagong Talk Project _ Saeng Gang, Art Jamsil, Seoul South Korea

2022 Damyang Art Week, Damidam Art zone, Damyang South Korea

The 20th Seomjingang international Experimental arts fesstival, Jewol Island, Goksung South Korea

Green Guerrilla nature-art Workshop_Octom, Oil Tank Culture Park, Seoul, South Korea

THINGKING 30th_Kwang Jang Sculpture Association, Kimbosung Art Center, Seoul, South Korea

Invitational Exhibition Modern Korea Sculpture, Park In Hwan Literature Museum, Inje-si, South Korea

The Memory of SilSil Network_ 30th Installation Art Group Magamnews, Space LAF, Seoul, South Korea

Public Project – Dorimchun, YDPCF_Yeongdeongpo Cultureal Foundation, Dorimchun, Seoul, South Korea

The 36th Invitational Exhibition Modern Korea Sculpture, Chuncheon MBC Hoban Square, Chuncheon-si, South Korea

Coexistence: Wisdom of Homo Symbious, Factory of Contemporary Arts in Palbok, Jeonju, South Korea

Incubator_Annual Korea Sculpress Association, Gallery1988, Seoul South Korea

Saisiot Project, Space illi, Seoul, South Korea

Soyo, Alternative Artspace IPO, Seoul, South Korea

The Shoes Box Exhibition, Otawara City Institute of Art, Otawara, Japan

Walking the journey of a sculptor, KIM BO SEONG Art Center, Seoul, South Korea

Haenggung-dong: A Village Alive with Art, Suwon Ipark Museum of Art Gallery, Suwon, South Korea

Green Guerrilla Nature-Art Spring Workshop, South Korea

Project TRANSITION _The Wrong Biennale nº5, 2022 and THE WRONG BIENNALE TV, Studio Next, Kalkata India

2021 Language from Fingertips_Korean Sculptress Association, Gumbosung Art Center, Seoul Korea

Art Festa in Jeju 2021_ The Biographies of San-zi, Jeju S.Korea

Peace, the Pit-A-Pat_2021 Peace Light N Art Installation, Hangang Center Park, Gimpo South Korea

Gangwon International Triennale 2021_Warm Revitalization, Honchun, South Korea

NYC Chinatown Arts Week_Heart mind with AAAC Collections, F-Stop in Chinatown, NYC USA.

The First Korean Woman’s Rights Announcement, Topo House, Seoul S.Korea

Green Guerilla_Jilisan, Akyang Life Culture Center, Hadong S.Korea

Shoes Box, Otawara City Institute of Arts and Culture, Otawara -si Japan

Walkin the Journey of a Sculptor_ Ewha Sculpture Association Online Relay Exhibition, Youtube

Myanmar Spring, Space Sarang Farm, Gimhae S.Korea

Studio Next _International Online Exhibition, Studio Next, Kolkata W.Bengal  India

GNAP_France Mongolia South-Korea, Yeonmisan Nature Art Center, Gongju S.Korea

2020 Rainbow-Wire, F1963, Busan S.Korea

Embroidered on Memory, Sehwa Museum of Art, Seoul Korea

2020World Heritage Festival, Gumoon Oryum, Jeju South Korea

Released from Quarantine, Alternative Art Space Sonamoo, Ansung South Korea

Tens of Thousands Chat of Line, Jacob1212, Seoul Korea

Spring Spring Spring, Uri Museum, Incheon Korea

Sculpture Winter Masterpieces, Sun Art Center, Seoul Korea

2019 Ecological Circulation, UNIST Science Cabin, Ulsan South Korea

Science Walden Science & Art Jirisan Dullegil Project_GEE-27, Hadong South Korea

Pouse on the Road, Cha Studio, Incheon Korea

Treasure House and Traveler_Magamnews, Youngdo Storeage aria, Busan Korea

Connect: The Dots 2019, Hanbyuckwon Museum, Seoul Korea

Nature Art Cube, Jungsujin Art Cube, Incheon Korea

Running Back & Forth, Space Gongzone, Seoul Korea

East Asia Culture City 2019, Incheon Art Platform B-dong, Incheon Korea

 Feel Art_Art Island Jangdo Open Exhibition, Yewoolmaroo Jando Museum, Yeasoo Korea

Infinity fSMII_Science Walden Project, Incheon Art Platform B-dong, Incheon Korea

2018 Green Body2018, Alternative Art Space Sonamoo, Ansung Korea

Taiwan Annual, Taipei Expo Park_Expo Dome, Taipei Taiwan

GNAB_ Gumgan Nature Art Biennale-Video Exhibition-Wind, Yeunmisan Nature Art Park, Gongju Korea

Black SHips_Civilization_Remarks_And___’s Footprints, Gallerie Nichido Taipei, Taipei Taiwan

GNAP_ Germany2017 show, Künstler Umweltbildungszentrum, Kühkopf Germany

From the Beginning, KyeungIn Education Univ. JinooJiwoom Gallery, Incheon Korea

Band Together, Hanbyeukwon Museum, Seoul Korea

Incheon Foundation for Arts&Culture_Incheon BankArt_New Collection2017, Incheon Art Platform Warehouse gallery, Incheon Korea

Dream_Plate, Alternative Space Dum, Incheon Korea

2018 100 Beyond Sculpture Exhibition, Coex, Seoul Korea    

Doomoolmuli-BaggatMisul, Doomoolmuli, Kyeunggido Yangpyeung, Korea

The Art of Arranging the Invisible in the Air, Ilwoo Foundation Ilwoo Space, Seoul Korea

2017 Platform Artist, Incheon Art Platform B, Incheon Korea

Gujing International Nature&Art Biennale, Gujing Artist Village, Ghangdong China

JIAF_Jeju International Art Fair, Jeju Civic Center, Jeju Korea

Salt, Become Flowers. Saltern in Sido, Incheon Korea

GNAP-Global Nomadic Art Projects-France, Centre des Perrieres Doue-en-Anjou France

GNAP_Global Nomadic Art Projects- Germany, Darmstadt Germany

YATOO trifft Dreieich, Kunsttage 27 Dreieich, Dreieich Germany

Meta-Scape, Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyungju Korea

Art Farm Project_Green Guerillas, Alternative Space Sonamoo, Ansung Korea

Moontides for Jeju Haenyeo, Jeju Musem of Art, Jeju Korea

2017IAP Short Stories, Incheon Art Platform B, Incheon, Korea

Stand River, 2017 BaggatArt _Dumulmeori Exhibition, Yangpeong Korea

Five Path, Songzhang Hwagachon Gallery, Beijing China

2016 Bloomy Art Fair, Incheon Sinsaeguea Gallery, Incheon Korea

Goaeneum Mishul, Incheon Art Platform B Gallery, Incheon Korea

    Connect! The Silk Road in 21st Century, China Cultural Center, Seoul Korea

Stories of Rain GNAP -Global Nomadic Art Project –South Korea, South Korea

Stories of Rain_GNAP -Global Nomadic Art Project –South Africa, South Africa

Perspective of Artist-Color of Innocence, Makeshop Art Space, Paju Korea

Wind of Unique, Soft, Kind, Seo-Seoul Museum, Seoul Korea

</Odysseia>, OpenSpace Bae, Busan Korea

Breathing Foundation SLY Art Space, Taipei Taiwan

Winter and Bukhangang, Baggat Art Daesungri Exhibition, Daesungri South Korea

2015 Between Houses, Uri Museum, Incheon, South Korea

Mindful Mindless, SoMA Museum, Seoul South Korea

    Global Nomadic Art Project Korea, South Korea

Accidental Encounter, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Korea

Ewha Portfolio 2015, Sunggok Museum, Seoul Korea

Sharing Footsteps, Youngeun Museum, Gyenggido Goangju Korea

2014 KNOTS, Atelier Turning, Seoul

Space and Stone, Space ADO, Incheon South Korea

AIA, Gimhae Art Center Museum, GimHae South Korea

OE-International Openair Expression, Hiki Hill-TDU, Sitama Japan

Moving Triennale-Made in Busan, Busan Ferry Terminal, Busan South Korea

Gumgang International Nature Art Biennale, Gongju Nature Art Park, Gongju Korea

Wadden Tide_Land Art Expo, Blavanshuk Denmark

Exposition, Le Cabanon & Galerie Aqui Siam Ben, Vallauris France

GNAP-Global Nomadic Art Project, Yeonmisan Nature Art Center, Gongju, Korea

Person and People, Yeulmaru Museum, Yeosu Korea

2013 ‘Transformation- Shun Young Artists Exhibition’, Shun Gallery, Shanghai China

            ‘Human, for a moment’, Osan Museum of Art, Osan Korea

           ‘Jala is the Island’ 2013Jalasum International Baggat Art Exhibition, Gapyung, Korea


          Korea Fashion Art Biennale, Seoul Museum of Art Kyunghuigung-branch, Seoul Korea

          ‘Taste of Life’, Sungkok Museum, Seoul Korea

            Tamla International Art Camp, Jeju Iho Beach, Jejudo Korea

            ‘MMAC Festival’, Yamabico Museum, Fukushima Japan 

            ‘Project Daejun 2012-Energi, DaeJun Museum of Art & Hanbat Garden, Daejun Korea

            ‘798 SUMMER PROJECT’, 798 ART SPACE, Beijing China

            ‘Pal Sek Gu Sa’, OCI Museum, Seoul Korea

            ‘Winter Flowers on the Mother Earth’, JALA ISLAND INTERNATIONAL BAGGAT ART EXHIBITION, Gapyong, Korea

2011 ‘Seoul-Paris’, Gallerya89, Paris France

     ‘Local to Local’, TCAC-Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei Taiwan

       ‘Weave the wold’, Openspace Bae, Busan Korea

       ‘Think House’, Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae Korea

       ‘Korea-China friendship’, Seoul Museum of Art Kyenghwigung branch, Seoul Korea

        ‘Jangchun Sculpture Festa’, Jangchun, China

         Sopia International Paper Art Biennial, Sofia, Bulgaria

         ‘Good Time’’, Andong Art Center, Andon Korea

            ‘Earth’, Seongbuk Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

            ‘Landscape with stone’, Pochuen Art belly, Korea2010 ‘06,08,10 Fukushima Contemporary Art Biennale, Japan

2003-08,10 Aizu Art College Yamabico Museum Mishima Japan

            TEAHWA RIVER ECO ART FESTIVAL, Teahwa Riverside Park, Wulsan, Korea

            Busan Biennale 2010, Busan Culture Center, Busan, Korea

            03,04,10 Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2010, Yeonmisan Gongju Korea

            ’10 ArteBA-Munguau Project, La lural, Buenos Aires, Aregentina

            ‘Lat’s Play Incheon’, Incheon Metropolitan Museum, Incheon, Korea

2009 ‘Incheon International Woman Artist Biennale’, Incheon Art Platform, Korea

            ‘S: OOMBISORI –Open Memorial Exhibition of Jeju Museum of Art’, Jejudo Korea

           ‘Nature+ Natural’, Sunggok Museum, Seoul Korea

2008 ‘Ancient Futures’, SeMA(Seoul Museum of Art) Namseoul Annex Building,  Korea

       ‘Touch the Sea’, Bukchon Museum Seoul Korea


2007 ‘Fibers:Fiero,Kotani&Kim’   Asian American Art Center  New York USA

         ‘Views from the other side’     Gallery Korea NYC   New York USA

         ‘Hello Chelsea! 2007’   PS35 gallery Chelsea NYC USA

2005 East Wind West WindHi Shanghai Center Shanghai China

2004-2005 Innerspces Festival INNER SPACES Poznan Poland

2004 ‘The Taste of The House’ Oslo Norway 

2003 New Hope Exhibition, Alternative Space Stone&water Anyang Korea 

Currently lives in Incheon, work in Seoul and teach in Ewha Woman’s Univ. & Daegu Univ. in Korea

MMAC Fastival in Tokyo Kozome Bijutue Tokyo Japan




Jeju Museum of Art Korea, 

IFAC Art Bank of Incheon Korea, 

Jeju Contemporary Art Museum Korea, 

AAAC-Asian American Art Center, New York USA. 

Kim’s Museum of Buenos Aires Aregentina,

Eshu Art House Beijing China