HE Zhenhao | 何 振浩


1975 Born in Haining, Zhejiang Province

1998 Graduated from Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Fine Arts
2005        Graduated from the Fine Arts College of Shanghai Normal University, Master Degree
2012-2013 Visiting Scholar of the Central Academy of Fine Arts
Now working at the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai Normal University as a lecturer
Solo Exhibition

2011 Stay for a time-He Zhenhao Solo Exhibition
Group Exhibition
2014 Mono-Youth Artists Group Exhibition, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China
        Representational research – classical realism, national invitational exhibition of oil painting
2013 Concept to – new Chinese realistic painting art exhibition,Shanghai China
Shanghai art exhibition,Shanghai China
Sail – youth art exhibition in Shanghai,Shanghai China
To the future – Art exhibition of real play,Shanghai China
2012 One party subsoil, song water renovation of works – He Zhenhao, Song Wei oil painting exhibition of 2012,Shanghai China
                Different faces – Shanghai invitational exhibition of 10 portrait oil painting artists,Shanghai China
Beijing China international youth art week , Beijing china
Visual sense – youth realism artist invitational exhibition, Beijing china
        Still water run deeply, new power of realistic art – contemporary youth art realism exhibition, Shanghai China
2011 Different faces – sino-german artists exhibition, Shanghai, China
the Shanghai youth art invitational exhibition, Paris France
Complementary – Shanghai 15 peoples oil painting exhibition, Shanghai China
Pudong impression – contemporary art exhibition, Shanghai China
Art Zhengzhou – First Group art exhibition,zhengzhou china 
2010 Quiet is power – stilllife oil painting exhibition, Shanghai China
the slope bond art festival In Hamburg Germany
2009 Suspended, Shanghai zhangjiang – contemporary art festival, Shanghai China
ART UNIFIES US – Chinese and German artists group exhibition, Shanghai China
National major history art creation exhibition, Beijing china
Open expression – 2009 Shanghai youth art exhibition, Shanghai China
2008 Different state – 08 Shanghai invitational exhibition of contemporary art, Shanghai China
Hanging – young artist invitational exhibition in Shanghai, Shanghai China
The hide scenery – 12 artists art exhibition, Shanghai China
The first netease art festival,Hang zhou China
2007  Renewing classical memories – contemporary realism invitational exhibition of 12atists, Shanghai China
From here – 2007 Shanghai youth art exhibition, Shanghai China
        Different faces – 12 portrait oil painting artists invitational exhibition in Shanghai, Shanghai China
        New jiangnan – 07 young artist invitational exhibition, Shanghai China
        Daily images digital instantaneous – exhibition of 2007, Shanghai China
2006 The last classical? – Lai Yuan, He Zhenhao, Wu DaYong oil painting exhibition, Shanghai China
                2000 – degree – New college of contemporary oil painting exhibition, Shanghai China
        The spirit and character – Chinese contemporary realism oil painting exhibition,Beijing,china
2005 2005 green index – graduated from Shanghai normal university academy of fine arts oil painting and sculpture exhibition, Shanghai China
        New realism 05 – contemporary realism young artists oil painting exhibition, Shanghai China
Art fair
2013 Art Beijing, New realism art exhibition
2006 Shanghai Art Fair
2009 The Shanghai special artistic talent of the year award