FENG Yilun|冯依伦


FENG Yilun




Born in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China,

Graduated from Fondazione Il Bisonte: Printmaking school in Florence, Italy,

Currently works and lives in Shanghai.


Feng Yilun, an independent photographer and darkroom maker, through hand-made photosensitive salt fixing and a variety of darkroom techniques from Italy, tries to return to the era of the beginning of photos in the 19th century and captures the light and shadow that precipitates in the passage of time. In his works, time and space change from objective to subjective, and the stretched pictures flow with the rhythm of breathing, returning to the starting point of memory again and again.





2021    Group Show “Meet the Unexpected”, Haaalo Company, Shanghai, China

2019    HAKUCHI Photography Group Exhibition “Innocence”, HAKUCHI, Beijing, China

2018    MU – Care and Love Month Cooperation Exhibition “With Us”, Shanghai, China

2018    Independent Artist Group Exhibition “The Crowd”, Shanghai, China

2015    Interviewed by China VICE Channel

2015    Solo Exhibition “The Street Life”, 601 Gallery Room, Shanghai, China

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