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Born in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China.

2017 Obtained a bachelor’s degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy.

2021 Obtained a master’s degree in plastic arts from the University of Paris 1.

Worked in The 56th La Biennale di Venezia in charge of exhibition installation.

Worked for L’Association Sino-Française d’échange d’art.

Founder of Art Meets Ideas.

Currently lives and works in Shanghai.


Solo Exhibition

2022   “Enclosure Between Time and Space”, Art Meets Ideas, Shanghai, China


Group Exhibition

2021   “Natural Sequence: Feeling Reality”, Object Momento Gallery, Shanghai,  China

            “Full of Friends and Foils”, Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, China

            “Cactus Project 2021”, Dalian City Art Museum, Dalian, China

            Shanghai Youth Art Fair, Shanghai World Trade Center, Shanghai, China

           “Blue Dream – Human and Ocean”, Nordic Contemporary Art Center, Xiamen, China

           “Underground Branches”, Now Artist Space, Guangzhou, China

            “Absence and Attendance”, Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai

            “Pain of Pain”, Huten Gallery, Shanghai, China

            “Table Talk”, ultramontane gallery, Hangzhou, China

            “Hundred Shadows of Art”, Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, China

            “La Division : Individualisation Ecologique Silencieuse – The Division: Silent Ecological Individuation”, Paris, France

            “Infinite Limit – Restart International Contemporary Art Exhibition” Restart Project, Hangzhou, China

            “A Little Stories”, London, UK

            “Momentum”, London, UK

            “#Heurt”, London, UK

            “Project: Art box”, Zurich, Switzerland

            “Redirecting”, Tree Art Museum, Beijing, China

2020   “Le Théatre Expérimental du Cosmos – Experimental Theater of the Universe”, Paris, France

            “Art in transition – Scope immersive”, New York, USA

           “GAP” art exhibition, Liao Liao Art Dissemination Institution, Chengdu, China

           “Icebreaker Art Project – What is coming has come”, Shenyang, China

           “International Video Art Touring Exhibition”, Tianjin, Milan, Florence

           “Establishing Image to Fullest Meaning – Chinese and Foreign Excellent Works Exhibition”, Suzhou, China

           “Room Art Festival”, Online Exhibition

           “Pierre-Nuage”, Jinguli Art Museum, Suzhou, China

           “Entre Réalité et Ideal” Exhibition of Chinese and French Artists, Paris, France.

2019    “New Star Power” National New Young Artists Exhibition, Wuhan, China

2018   “The Wonderland” Returnee Art Exhibition, Guicheng Art Museum, Foshan, China

2017    “Siamo Qui”, Venice, Italy

2016    “Edizione Clown di Frontiera”, Venice, Italy

            “Azonos Utakon”, Budapest, Hungary

            “Adriatica La Via Dell’arte”, Macerata, Italy

2015   “Interaction Generation”, Young Chinese and Italian Artists Exhibition, Venice, Italy.

           “Gaining Momentum” Young Artists Group Exhibition, Changzhou, China

           “Studio Aperto”, Venice, Italy




2021    Finalist for “SAP Art Award”

           Nominated for “FAPA 7th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards”

2020    “International Pioneer Visual Art Award 2020”, Bronze Award

            “Chinese-Italian Youth Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Art Competition” (Concorso per Giovani Cinesi e Italiani per Celebrare il Cinquantenario delle Relazioni Diplomatiche tra Cina e Italia), Excellence Award

            Finalist for “Xu Qinsong Art Award”

2019  Nominated for “The 10th New Star Art Award”




2018  The work “Blue Afternoon” was collected by Guicheng Art Museum, Foshan, China

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