Ahn Sung-Kyu | 安盛圭


1966      Born in korea sanchung
1993      BFA, Seoul National University, Major in Painting (Seoul, Korea)
2000      MFA, Seoul National University, Major in Painting (Seoul, Korea)

Solo Exhibitions

1997       Woong-Jun Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2005       Kwan-Hoon Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2006       Kwan-Hoon Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2007       BD Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2008       Andante Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

Group Exhibitions

1993      New Generation, Baek Sang Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
             New Generation: Emotion vs Rationality, Chung-Nam Art Gallery
1994      New Form, Yoon Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
             New Generation: Emotion vs Rationality, Chung-Nam Art Gallery
1995      Wind of Seoul, Indeco Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
             Sensibility & Expression, Icon Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
1996      Painting-Seeing, Seoul National University Cultural Center (Seoul, Korea
1997      Wind of Seoul, Indeco Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
             Chang-jak Fine Art Assosiation, Seoul Municipal Art Center (Seoul, Korea)
1998      Dong-A Art Festival Award Show, National Museum of modern Art  (Kwacheon, Korea)
             Paper Works, Jongro Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
1999      From Representation to Expression, Hanwon Museum (Seoul, Korea)
2000      Seoul National University in the New Millennium,
             Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea)
2001       From Hanyang to Seoul: Seoul tour for 40 days, Sang Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2002      Dong-A Art Festival Award Show, Sang Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2005      Cutting Edge: Sensus Communis, Seoul Auction Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2006      Seoul Art Fair, Gallery Yeh, Seoul Art Center (Seoul, Korea)
             Destructive TraitⅡ: Black City, Kwanhoon Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2007      Korean Reality & Spirit, Cyart Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
             Seoul Art Fair, Seoul Art Center (Pusan, Korea)
             SOAF, COEX (Seoul, Korea)
2008      Korea Galleries Art Fair, BEXCO (Seoul, Korea)
             SOAF, COEX (Seoul, Korea)
             Reality in Contemporary Art, Cyart Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
             KIAF, COEX (Seoul, Korea)
             Chungdam Art Fair, Chung Art Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
             New Wave in Realism, Mayjune Gallery (Seoul, Korea) 

2009      City Lag, ShunArtGallery(Shanghai, China)                              
             CUVE 1stAUCTIONPARTY,Gallery-Space Da(Beijing,China) 
             For wish,SeoulAuction-KoreaIndustryBank (Seoul,Korea) 
2010      Guangju ContemporaryArt Exhibition, Jeonranamdo University Museum
             Old road ,GasanGallery(Bundang,Korea),TJH Gallery(Seoul, Korea) 


1997      Creative Arts Association, Special Awards
1998      Dong-a Art Festival, Dong-a Art Awards 


Artbank,Embassy of the korea in Angola,SeeCloud Hotel

Lecture Experiences 

Seoul University, Kookmin University,, Seoultech University, Ulsan University, Kyong-gi University, Sejong University, Konkuk University, Seoul Art Highschool 


Thoughts on Urban Landscapes

Ahn, Sung-Kyu 
My work has always been an expression of interest for my surrounding environment, which I belong to and where I live, and an encounter with the images around me. Scenes of run-down neighborhood allies in the city or buildings I see as I drive by, urban flower beds or flowers blooming freely in small empty lots, and the colossal nature (sky or field) that include all such objects, have always been familiar but also awesome to me. 
The urban landscapes I dealt with in the past were narrow allies in the increasingly disappearing hillside neighborhoods with gigantic fields in the background. While such works were about the sense of loss and nostalgia for the things we forget as we live our lives, my recent works dealt with our surrounding environment now, and the spaces I live in today. It is a transition from the past to present, and represents a change of interest. 
The images of the city appearing in my recent paintings are positioned low in the picture-plane, too low to refer to as the center. (The buildings hang on the very edge of the picture-plane only suggesting their overall form, while the sky takes up most of the space.) What I intend to show here is not the buildings or the sky, but rather the border where the sky and buildings meet. The urban landscapes in the painting, shown through the borders of encounter, are representations of objects, but are new images created by relationships established through my world of experience in the painting, and not mere depictions of actual subjects. The sky, a landscape of emptiness revealing the exterior of the city, which reveals itself through its encounter with the city, exists as a painterly space outside the city, as if to overwhelm it. The sky is not bright or clear, nor is it dramatic or fantastic. It is just an empty sky painted in flat and subtle brush strokes, which makes the space called the city look ever more void and lonesome. 
Why do I try to reveal such emptiness or voidness? 
Perhaps I am looking for the unknown loneliness and emptiness of the modern human in the appearances of the city. 
The grey sky of the late afternoon, right before the sun sinks in the west, and the images of the buildings, which seem to hold their heads up to the sky in a contrast, seem similar to the human race, which lives enduring the heavy burdens of life’s weight. The reason we feel a certain heart ache when we gaze at the city from its outskirts a couple hours before sunset is because in the images of the buildings, barely managing to hold their heads up to the gigantic and empty sky, we see the images of the lonely modern person, living amidst the complex relationships with others in a heartless reality, and because we see ourselves, who want to face the world boldly, but for some reason have lost our confidence.