YU Cun|虞村



Yu Cun was born in Shanghai on January 3rd,1958.He graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts in 1982, majored in Chinese Painting of professional portrait, bachelor degree.Since 1982,he  has been painting till now.

Be listed and collected in the document by experts’committee of Chinese Modern Art File in January,2007; selected to be a special object for detection and observation;Be chosen and classified into a specific file for further documentary investigation;Personal works and information have been marked in the data base of Chinese Modern Art File;Be recorded in China Contemporary Art Book,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010;(are hosted by Chinese Contemporary Art File of Beijing University and He Xiangning Museum,as a co-operation project together with OCT Modern Art Academy and East Asia Institute of Chicago University)


“The Wilderness-A Century of Chinese Rural Construction” Art Exhibition, Shicaotang,Shijiazhuang, Hebei;

” Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art Yearbook 2017″, Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing;

2018 China Freehand Oil Painting School Research Exhibition about Character, Wanhe Art Museum, Beijing, curator: Dai Shihe, academic host: Deng Pingxiang;


A Joking Interpretation of Life,Yu Cun’s Exhibition,Zhu Qizhan Art Museum,Shanghai,the curator:Wang Lin;
The passing flowers by hitting drum,Autumn Water Space,Shanghai;


Parallel Exhibition of the 55th Venice Biennale Exhibition,the general curator:Wang Lin;


“Taste of Different Life”,Yu Cun’s Exhibition,Enjoy Art Museum,Beijing,the curator:Jia Fangzhou;
Art Frontier,Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition,Song Village Museum,Beijing,the curators:Peng Feng,Yang Wei;
2012 Nanjing Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art,Art Traitor Exhibition for the 100th Anniversary Celebration for Nanjing University of the Arts,Center of Contemporary Art ShangDong,Nanjing,the host:Gao Minglu;
Art Exhibition for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Nanjing University of the Arts,Plain of Grand Beauty,National Art Museum of China,Beijing;
the Summit Forum of Invitational Exhibition for the most Academic Valuable and Marketing Potentiality Artists in 2012,National Academy of Chinese Paintng,Beijing,the curators:Deng Pingxiang,Yang Wei;


Chinese Characteristic,2010 Contemporary Art Research Documentary Exhibition,the Color Museum,Suzhou,the curator:Wang Lin;


Chinese Air at Chongqing Station,Contemporary Art Exhibition,501 Modern Art Museum at Huang Jue Ping of Chongqing,Chongqing,the curator:Yang Wei;
Chinese Narration,The Fourth Chengdu Biennale Exhibition,Chengdu Century City Exhibition Center,Chengdu,the curators:Jia Fangzhou,Zou Yuejin;


Yu Cun’s Exhibition,in Square Modern Art Museum,Nanjing,the curator:Li Xiaoshan;
Orientation,2007 Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition,Yonghe Gallery,Beijing,the curators:Jia Fangzhou,Zou Yuejin;
Art Charity China,2008 International Exhibition Tour of Chinese Modern Art,Beijing,Tokyo,Hong Kong,Beijing Station:Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts,the curator:Wang Lin;
2008 Olympic Committee Invited Art Exhibition,China,Greece,United States; China stations:CIEC,the Imperial Ancestral Temple of the Forbidden City of Beijing,Beijing Olympic Village(Jacques Rogge,President of IOC,and Samaranch,Honorary President of IOC,attend the opening ceremony.);
What Art is not,45 Questionnaire of China Contemporary Art,the 798 Art District of Beijing,the curator:Wang Lin;


Post pioneer,Four Directions of China’s New Art,Anting,Hong Kong,the curator:Wang Lin;
Ink 100,the Second Song Village Invitational Exhibition of Celebrities of Chinese painting,Art Center of East Area of Beijing,Beijing,the curators:Liu Xiaochun,Li Xianting;


2006 Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Water and Ink,Art International Park,Beijing,the curator:Jia Fangzhou ;
“Art Beijing,2006”,National Agriculture Exhibition Center,Beijing;
Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition,Beijing World Art Museum,Beijing,the curator:Jia Fangzhou;
Contemporary Art CO-Exhibition,3818 Cool Gallery,Beijing;


Historiography Picture,oil painting exhibition in Today Art Museum,Beijing,the curator:Jia Fangzhou;


85‘Youth Art Trend Slide Show,organized by Fine Arts in China,Zhuhai;


graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts, majored in Chinese Painting of professional portrait, bachelor degree;
Since 1982, paint till now;


Yu Cun was born in Shanghai on January 3rd,1958;