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Choi Young deeply explores the imaging of human eyes and cognitive science, and constantly seeks a unique visual language. After the retinal image is transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve, the image of things judged subjectively is formed. However, whether it is possible to distort the prototype of things subjectively. The artist tries to find out the truth. He puts the objective visual image of light on the canvas, and the subjective and objective, the real and the unreal are established side by side.

Choi Young’s paintings draw materials from mass media information, and weaken the visual “tension” of the original images by means of overlaying and erasing, trying to dissolve these intentionally created images that are manipulated by capitalist media and guided by mass consumption. The works in the exhibition “PUSH OUT” are the artist’s reconstruction of geometric figures with various textures and colors on the images of Greenland Zombie ice (Greenland Zombie ice), majestic architectural space, famous artworks, etc., endowing the painting with another a possibility.

Since Choi Yong entered the art field in 2009, he has held 14 solo exhibitions and held exhibitions in South Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Russia, France, and the United States.


崔 永 Choi Young

Prof. Daegu University in Korea

Solo Exhibition

2022  PUSH OUT, Shun Art Gallery, (Tokyo Japan)

2021  The third eye (MONAMUR, Cheonan, Korea)
2020  Road View (Incheon City History Museum, Incheon, Korea)
2019  The Hand of Art History (Gallery Kooall Dam, Incheon, Korea)

2018  No Landscape for Nature (Art Club SAMDUK, Daegu, Korea)

2017  The Fog (CY Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2015  Skill of eye operation (Young eun Museum, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)

2014  The picture of two eyes (Gallery Art Factory, Heyri, Korea)

2013  The picture of two eyes (Yoon Design institute, Seoul, Korea)

2012  The picture of two eyes (Gallery E-land. Seoul, Korea)

Stereoscopic (Gallery Gong Pyeong, Seoul, Korea)
2010  The image reflected on the retina (Gallery CY, Seoul, Korea)

2009  Calling the image (Gallery Kooall Dam, Incheon, Korea)

Mind content (So heon Contemporary, Daegu, Kore)


Group Exhibition

2022  STROLL (Cian Art Museum, Yeong cheon, Korea)
2021  Spirit of Drawing (Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul)
2020  Special Exhibition for the 20th Anniversary of the Young eun Museum of Art (Young- 

eun Museum, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)

Exit 2020 (Gallery MC, New York, United States)

2019   3^X=∞ (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea)
Painting Mentality (Tomorrow Newspaper Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
Poet Shin Dong-yeop’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition (Kyobo Art Space, Seoul, Korea)
Union Art Fair (S Factory, Seoul, Korea)
International Exchange Exhibition of Asian Art University (Gwang-ju Biennale Exhibition Hall 5, Gwang-ju, Korea)
Satellite (Gallery MC, New York, United States)
Project in Cheong ju (La Forme Museum of Art, Cheong ju, Korea)

2018   Exit 2018: The 9th Door (Gallery MC, New York, United States)
The art of Painting and Painting (Incheon Cultural Foundation, Incheon, Korea) Union Art Fair (S Factory, Seoul, Korea)
International Exhibition of the Korean Society for International Planning (Novosibirsk University of Fine Arts, Russia)

2017   Painting Mentality-Answer 30 years (Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

from painting to painting (Cian Art Museum, Yeong cheon, Korea)

2016   Put it in Namwon (Suji Museum of Art, Jeon buk)

Third Perspective (Ilhyeon Museum of Art, Gangwon Province)

Côté & Trois (N Gallery, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)

Real Eyes (Gallery CAUTION, Tokyo, Japan)

Incheon Art Platform 6th Artist Report (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea)

2015   Looking Back Footprint (Young eun Museum, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)
Gun san Residence Creative Festival (Gun san City Hall, Gun san, Korea) Visual field (Art Factory, Seoul, Korea)

2015   Art Road77 (Gallery Art Factory, Hey ri, Korea)
2015   Preview (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea)
2015   Time Machine (Gyeom Jae Jeong Seon Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2014   Residence Program 2014 (National Gallery of Indonesia, Indonesia)

2014   Neo-Inscription (Artspace H, Seoul, Korea)
2014   Bule Horse Generation (Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2014   RINSING-Young Artist (Ilhyun Museum, Gangwondo, korea)
2013   Baeng nyeong island -525,600 hours interview (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea)
2013   3 peopels 3 color (Gallery Spielplatz Hahn, Seoul, Korea)

2013   YMCA (Gallery Imazoo, Seoul, Korea)
2013   Car Story (Gallery Art Factory, Heyri, Korea)
2013   The Metamorphosis (gallery Shun, Shanghai, China)
2013   Small Masterpiece (Gallery Lotte, Korea)
2013   Addis Ababa (Gallery N, Gyeongi do, Korea)
2013   Moving Mind (Gallery BD, Gyeonggi do, Korea)
2013   One small flower seeds in the margin of the heart (Korea Capitol Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2011   Incheon Peace Project (Incheon Public Art Center, korea)
2011   Incheon, Turkey Artist Coalition (Incheon Public Art Center, Korea)

2009   Exposition d’ Art Contemporain ‘dpi’ (Paris, France)
2009   Wonderful Pictures (Ilmin Museum, Seoul, Korea)



2015   Incheon Art Platform Residence – 1year (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea)

2014   Youngeun Museum Artist Residence – 6months (Youngeun Museum, Gyeonggi-do,


2014   National Gallery of Indonesia Artist Residence – 2months (Jakarta ,Indonesia)

2014   Incheon Art Platform Residence – 6months (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea)

2013   Rising School Young Artist Residence program – 1months (Ilhyun Museum,

Gangwondo, korea)

2009   Daegu Art Square Residence – 6months (Daegu, Korea) 2009 l’espace des arts sans

frontieres – 3months (Paris, France)


Academic Journal

2020   Multidisciplinary Research on Metaphysical Gaze in Visual Arts (Koerea Science & Art


2019   A Study on the Image Expression Applying the Principle of Stereoscopy, (Korean

Society of Basic Design & Art)

2018   A Study on Activation of Local Culture Art through Corporate Support (Journal of

Service Science)

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