Born in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China,

Graduated from Jiangsu University majoring in environmental engineering, China,

Currently lives and works in Shanghai.

Majoring in environmental engineering, Gypsy is driven by relentless artistic passion and desire, and spontaneously created hundreds of original works with distinctive styles in just a few years since college. His works span multiple fields such as painting, installation, performance, video, and costume design, taking the morphology of humans and nature as breakthroughs, and making vigorous attempts under the theme of love, freedom, and death.




2022    Circus Night, Finder, 44KW, Shanghai, China

2021   Inside Out – Ultra Community, Control ClubⅹMartin Goya Business, Tank, Shanghai, China

Blossoming Flowers Blossom, fART, Martin Goya Business, Hangzhou, China

2019    Love Is Love, Local Landscape, Joint Show, Guangzhou, China

          Be, Gypsy‘s Debut Exhibition& SH Art Platform Queer Event, Shanghai, China

2018    Thousands of Newborn Aspects, Shanghai Young Art Fair, Shanghai, China

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