JING ART 艺览北京 2022



Shun Art Gallery is pleased to announce the gallery exhibit at “JINGART” from June 30th to July 30th, 2022. Affected by the epidemic, the 2022 “JINGART Beijing” will be moved online and presented through the online unit PLATFORM of the art fair. Shun Art Gallery has extended its rich gallery exhibition program to PLATFORM, presenting nine artists’ works. The participating artists include a number of artists who have held or will hold solo exhibitions in the gallery this year. Among them, several works by Zenzaburo Kojima (1893-1962) were exhibited on domestic platforms for the first time, while the works of several Japanese artists such as Masanori MAEDA(b.1964), Nana MONDA (b.1980), and Ayaka NAKAMURA (b.1988), whose works were rarely exhibited at Chinese art fairs before, will show in this PLATFORM.

VIP Preview (by the exclusive invitation code)

2022/06/30 – 2022/07/02

General Admission

2022/07/03 – 2022/07/30



児島 善三郎 Zenzaburo KOJIMA (1893-1962)

王 家增 WANG Jiazeng (b.1963)

前田 正宪 Masanori MAEDA(b.1964)

内田 江美 Emi UCHIDA

戈 子馀 GE Ziyu

小林 麻衣子Maiko KOBAYASHI (b. 1977)

松枝 悠希 Yuki MATSUEDA (b.1980)

門田 奈々Nana MONDA (b.1980)

中村绫花 Ayaka NAKAMURA (b.1988)


About Exhibition



In the era of globalization, it is difficult for us to distinguish the pure West from the East. In the process of mutual communication, both the East and the West influence each other on the progress of civilization. For example, Van Gogh’s works have the shadow of Ukiyo-e, and David Hockney’s works have borrowed from the perspective of Chinese landscape painting. However, it is undeniable that western cultural awakening has been strong for a long time since the explosion and growth in the 17th century. Although this “Orientalism” proposed by Edward Waefie Said in 1978 was a criticism of the romanticization of the eastern impression, it was hard to avoid the idea of binary opposition. So Oriental aesthetics or constructing the east has been critical in history, it is neither to western forms of simple imitation, nor follow a set of established standards and philosophical framework, but based on east region, with the Oriental philosophy and aesthetic as a thought source, and the Angle of view to the world with Oriental present us.


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