ART 021 2023


Shun Art Gallery is honored to announce its participation in the APPROACH unit of the 2023 ART021 21st Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair. This year’s booth will feature selected works by postwar and contemporary Japanese artists. The gallery focuses on the dissemination and integration of East Asian aesthetics and culture. The artists on display include Chiyu UEMAE, Shingo IGUCHI, Emi UCHIDA and Yuki MATSUEDA. Among them, Chiyu UEMAE, as a member of the Gutai group of Japanese post-war avant-garde art, has a unique exploration of the concept of “concrete proof that spirit is freedom”, the physical behavior of creation, and the relationship between materials and brushstrokes. As a cartoonist, Shingo IGUCHI launched the “Z Project” in 1984 based on the world of the comic character “Z CHAN” to explore the possibilities of characters in the virtual world through comics, picture books, poetry, paintings, performances, music, etc., which present a world full of philosophical implications that folds three times and spaces.

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