Lee Young-mi

1995        B.F.A, Ceramics Department of Hong-ik University of Fine Art, Seoul, Korea 
1998        M.F.A, Ceramics Department of Hong-ik University of Fine Art, Seoul, Korea
2003        M.F.A, Sculpture Department of Central Institute of Fine Art, Beijing, China
2007        P.H.D, Art history Department of Tsinghua University of Fine Art, Beijing, China
Present an associate professor of ceramic art, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Solo Exhibitions
2011 “FAMILIAR SCENT”, Artlink Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2010 “BOKADANG: Power of Everyday Life”, Artside Gallery, Beijing, China
1998 “HAND”, Danseng Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2012   Art Beijing, Beijing, China
  Between dream and Memory, Force Gallery, Beijing, China
Recommendation Exihibition of Art Nova 100, Beijing, China
      A Collection of works for the 1st China contemporary ceramic art Exhibition, Century altar, Beijing, China
2011 Cheongju international Craft Biennale, Cheongju, Korea
Gyeonggui international Ceramic Biennale, Yeoju, Korea
        Datong international Sculpture Biennale, Datong, China 
2010   Introduction to Zhejiang Kiln International Ceramic Art Exhibition, Hangzhou, China
The Seventh china contemporary young ceramic artist biennale Exhibition, Hangzhou, China
International Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, Jingdezhen, China
2009   Emerging Korean Artists in the World 2009_USB, Seoul, Korea
Three understandings of “jing”, c5 Gallery, Beijing, China
2008   Ceramic Installation In post-colonial Context, Ningbo, China
Jingdezhen Contemporary International Ceramics Exhibition, Jingdezhen, China
2010   Second prize, The national Ceramic Art Design Creation Contest, China
2011   Second prize, The 1st Kaolin China International Ceramic Art Contest, China
NingBo Art Museum, China
The People Government of Datong, China
The People Government of Jingdezhen, China
Personal statement:
The protagonists just like us in modern times, they are reflecting on the various problems of life and dedication with variety of poses and facial expressions. In addition, by combining animal forms and human-like metaphor reflects our instinct that already exist, the characteristics of congenital and the formation of cephalometric. In particular, it’s widely cherished expectations, hopes, thoughts…ect. are symbolically embodied as a rosary, a flower, a pair of floral shoe; the complex emotions of human is general difficult to describe with water, fire, blue sky and earth this kind of nature, which hold out for observation on life vision. Like the lighthouse which tell us the existence of island, each of the hearts of flash light to personal memories and feelings back to the point in time, to the role of the media and audience share.
Now I’m living and creating at the Jingdezhen of Jiangxi province at China permanently. Jingdezhen is a ceramic city of thousand years of making ceramic history, with a variety of traditional techniques and rich natural materials, making everything possible, it’s a special area which ceramic history and modern pottery civilization can be coexisted. I make my creations at Jingdezhen; most of my works are benefited from its culture and heritage. Over thirty dreaming pottery figurines of my artworks are fully develop the advantages—whiteness, transparency, using multiple techniques of “ceramic painting”. And of course, I completed the whole making process with traditional pottery way. Traditional handmade approach requires a lot of time and careful effort, it’s not favored by people because of low efficiency, but in my artworks, it’s an excellent way of expressing the true feelings of human.