Mifusa Akase

1981     Born in Aichi Ken
2004     Graduated from Kyoto Saga University of Fine Arts
2002     Went to India for Sculptur studying
2006     Studied in Germany & France
2008     Traveled China for works materials

2005     Solo Exhibition at Sanjogion Gallery (Kyoto)
              Gallery JR Osaka (Osaka)

2007     Kyoto Art Fair 2007 (Kyoto)
              The 21st Kyoto Art Festival (Kyoto)
              The 19th Japan Ceramic Art Fair (Tokyo)

2008     Art Travelling (Osaka); Solo Exhibition at Fuxin Gallery (Shanghai)

2009     Art Shanghai 2009(Shanghai)
              Solo Exhibition in Yamanashi Ken
            《I Love the Earth》was published”

2010     Solo Exhibition at Noevir Gallery ( Tokyo Ginza)
              Solo Exhibiton at Kitakyusyu

2011     Solo Exhibition (Aichi Ken)
              Waiart Solo Exhibition (Osaka)