Free artist, Working and living in shanghai,china now.
Exhibitions Overview
2005-05,”Get it louder” 
2005-08,“The visual arts gallery” held by TAXIDESIGN in singapore.
2005-10, Participation and Xintiandi cooperation "POP-ART" work display. 
2005-12, Outlook Design & Art Show.
2006-06,"Beautiful soccer" by NIKE. 
2006-06,"I,CHINA" creation display. 
2006-09, Participates NIKE CO-LAB Project.
2006-10, Shanghai Art Museum Shanghai 
2006-10, ENO curtain-up Show. 
2006-11,Adfunture Guerrilla Store display 
2006-12,Vision on Ears ’2007 
2007-03,Jasonwood “Denim concept” Opening show. 
2007-06,,ChinaVisual -“Maunsell open +Cutting-edge 100 plan” 
2007-09,“Coordination Berlin”in Berlin 
2007-10, 70/80 - Hong Kong New Designers Exhibitio
2008-05,NIKE-Beauty beijing (For liuxiang) 
2009-10,"Jelly Times" Exhibition with Victoria& Albert in england 
2009-10,Beibang's Solo exhibition of Beijing China 
2010-12,Retrospective of the 10th anniversary of Visual China 
2010-12,“Art + science” 100 Plan
2011-06,Digital Painting Art Exhibition
2011-08,Beibang Floating Zoo Series Solo Exhibition in Beijing.
2010-10,International Patterns Exhibition In Hangzhou.
2010-11,< Show- Line> linism three Joint exhibition, Shanghai “Dasi” artspace.