Wang Zhanxin

Born in 1972, Now teaching at National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

Director of Chinese artists association and Beijing china-foreign folk culture and art exchange and promotion association 、Vice Secretary General of China BangShu art seminar 、Member of China Arts and Crafts Association and  Beijing Artists Association

1997      Graduated from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts
2005      Graduated from the Post-Graduation Course in China Art Institute

Solo Exhibitions

2007      Moments on Backstage-Wang Zhanxin Oil Painting Exhibition,Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai 

2008      Unusual Details-Wang Zhanxin Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing 

2009      Wang Zhanxin Solo Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing

Group Exhibitions

2003      Chinese Oil Painting Promising 5 Young Artists, Indonesia

2007      Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai
             The 13th China Art Fair

2008      Feast of Talent- Wang Zhanxin • Pan Xiaoxiao Dual-Artists Exhibition, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai
             Daydream- 2007 Shun Art Gallery Retrospective Exhibition, Shanghai

2009      Dongtang Art Festival-Life Experience of Oil Painting Exhibition
             Wang Zhanxin• Hongbing Oil Painting Exhibition  Beijing
             Yuan Jianguo•Wang Zhanxin •Li Hongbing Three Artist Exhibition  Beijing

2010      Old Pictures New Image, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai
             Exhibition in the Military Museum
             Quintessence Estates Opening and Charity auction

2011      Oli Painting <Mei Lanfang> exhibited in Beijing, Guangxi, Shandong.
             Collected by Mei Lanfang Memorial
             Exhibition in Capital Library 

Former Exhibitions

             China-Japan-Korea Artists Exchange Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
             Sino-Korea Artists Exchange Exhibition, Beijing
             China Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition
             13th China Art Fair, Beijing
             Beijing Oil Painting Exhibition, China Central Academy of Fine Arts
             1st Rookies and New Works Exhibition
             Consumption Times No.1 Art Exhibition  Sartre Art Space Beijing 
             China Broadway International 2006 Auctions

Art Works Published

             2010 Magazine Art from Nature
             Complete works of world youth artists
             China Oil Painting 
             Chinese and Western status of Art, Published by Arts & Humanities Press
             Walk into Fine Arts School, Published by People's art press
             Chinese Contemporary Painting 
             Selected Art Works of Sino-Korea Artist Exchanges Exhibition


             Moments on Backstage-Wang Zhanxin Theater Oil Painting
             Theatre Oil Painting Artist –Wang Zhanxin, China National Art Photography Press


2006      Sailing in the Art Sea-the Present Situation about Opera Art Education, Published in Stage. Art
2008      Creation Language Analyzing, Published in Opera Art
2009      Drama Theme of Art Teaching, Published in Opera Art
2009      моисеенко,у.и.’s  Art Pursue  Published in Culture Monthly
2011      East Lan Bronze – A Blossom Sunflower


Oil Painting Waiting on Backstage No.17 First Prize in Exploration & Development of Arts &Crafts ---China. Japan. Russia International Exchange Exhibition
Oil Painting Waiting on Backstage No.15, Silver Award in Sino-Korea Artists Exchange Exhibition
Oil Painting Lu Xun, Excellence Award in Lu Xun Native Cup Art Exhibition
Oil Painting Classic and Fashion, Honorary Award in Beijing Adult Education Art & Photography Exhibition