Mikuo Konoki

A Japanese oil painter, glass painter, sculptor and muralist, Mikuo KONOKI owns two private galleries
and has drawn several large murals all over Japan.
He is recognized to be the representative of Japan public art and has won several awards in Japan
such as MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) prize.

1937 Born in Tokyo. 1956 Won the Prize of Rookie of the New Century Art Exhibition and was awarded the reserve membership.
1963 Graduated from Musashino Art University and went to Italy for further education.
1965 Graduated from Galleria dell’Accademia, and attended Italy International Fine Art Exhibition.

1963 Won the Prize of Kokugakai (Japan National Painting Association)
1967 Admitted membership of Kokugakai (Japan National Painting Association),
attended Sinjukai Exhibition and won the Scheer Prize, Show in the Italy International Art Exhibition
1969 The “Tenko” Golden Prize in the Japan Third Civilization Exhibition
1970 “Tokyo News Agency” Prize and “Kanagawa Kamakura Mayor” Prize in the Japan Third Civilization Exhibition
1978 The work of “Seikahekiten” won the MEXT Prize.
1971,1973,1976,1978 Awared in the Japan Third Civilization Exhibition
2003 The work of “Honba” won Seisukai Golden Prize and MEXT Prize

1981 Solo Exhibition in Ginza, permanent show in Ginza
1982 Solo exhibition in Iwataya’s Galley in Fukuoka City, Japan
1985 Paticipation in the design of Shouko Art Museum in Chiba, Japan
1991 As an illustrator for "Redlight Nara fantasm kazemichi ",first exhibition of painting on the glasses
1995 Opened the first private gallery “My Art Museum” in Nasu Heights where displays oil paintings
1998 Opened Matsuyama Art Museum in Chiba where displays Ganda sculptures and paintings as well
1999 “Art world of Mikuo Konoki” in Chiba East Culture Centre, Sculptures Exhibition in Matsuyama Art Museum
2001 Chiba, Oil Paintings Exhibition, Ganda Sculptures Exhibition
2003 Ganda Sculptures Exhibition in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and in Chiba Art Museum, as the annual exhibition later
2004 Solo Exhibition in Matsuyama Art Museum in Japan the work “Kata Tsumuri” was selected into Kumamoto Biennale
2005 Exhibition in NNA Gallery in Narita Airport, Tokyo
2006 Ganda sculpture exhibition in Ginza in Tokyo, and in Metal Art Museum in Chiba
2007 Solo Exhibition in Matsuyama Art Museum in Japan, Group Exhibition in Ginza, First Solo Exhibition in Shanghai
Take part in “Art Shanghai”, “Art Beijing” and ”Shanghai Art Fair”
2008 Solo Exhibition in Matsuyama Art Museum in Japan; Double solo-exhibitions at Shanghai Zhu Qizhan Art Museum,
4 Ganda sculptures are collected;
Ganda Sculpture Exhibition in Miyuki Gallery and in Ginza Art Center in Japan;
Group exhibition “Goodbye! My love-Teresa Teng Memorial Exhibition”at Shanghai
Shun Art Gallery and “359°Three in One—China-Japan Art Exchange”at Shanghai
Shun Art Gallery and Museum of Luxun Art Academy in Shenyang, China,
2 works are collected. Solo Exhibition “Young Konoki—Konoki’s painting in 1950s” in Matsuyama Art Museum in Japan
2009 Solo Exhibition “KONOKI MIKUO -- Creative and Experimental Artist” at Umeno Memorial Museun of Art in Tomi city in Japan
2009 KONOKI KONOKI—New Works Exhibition of 2009, Shanghai Art Fair ,Shanghai EXPAT SHOW
2010 Tokyo Art Fair