HE Hongwei

1971 Born in Inner Mongolia, China 

1995 Graduated from Art College of Inner Mongolia Teaching University

2003 Graduated from China Fine Art College

2004 Studied in Communication University of China, majored in Film and TV 
Solo Exhibitions
2015 "Senan - A Collection of 24 Filial Deeds Stories", Beijing Diling Art Space, Beijing China
2008 "Hometown Serial", OC-EO Gallery, England,London
        Abstract Serial, "He" Gallery, Beijing China
Group Exhibitions
2015 Poker Face, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai China 
2014 Micro Art Expo, Beijing Jiucen Art Museum, Beijing China

2013 Chinese Italian Communication Exhibition, JOY Palace, Beijing China

2012 Youth Power, Beijing Huantie Times Museum, Beijing China  
2010 Times Art Exhibition,798 Art Zone, Beijing China

2009 China and Korea Communication, Top International Museum, Beijing China
        Bristol Art Exhibition, England London
                Asian Art Fair, England London
2007 China Youthful Artist New Country, China National Art Museum, Beijing China
        "The Flourishing of Nine Colours", 73 Gallery, Beijing China      
        Top International Gallery Opening Exhibition, Songzhuang, Beijing China 
          Beijing Art Salon, Beijing International Exhibition Hall, Beijing China
        "Stillness" Abstract Oil Painting, Hongwan Gallery, Beijing China

2006 A Song Zhuang Artists Exhibition, Songzhuang, Beijing China  
2003 Master Degree Excellent Works Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing China 
2002 The 12th Oil Painting Works Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing China
2000 7 Artists Oil Paintings Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing China